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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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CDC Comparadun

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Color: Adams
Size: 14
  • Comparaduns and Sparkle Duns are found in almost every fisherman’s fly box.
  • Most guys have a preference, some prefer the sparkle, other like a comparadun.
  • They are favored due to the fact they sit right on top of the water, (unlike a typical dry that is held up slightly by the hackle).
  • Commonly used when fish are seen sipping the surface.
  • This new pattern incorporates CDC as the wing material.
  • This allows the pattern to be fished in two styles.
  • One apply floatant, allowing this pattern to sit right on the surface.
  • Two fish as is, the body should sink slightly into the subsurface letting the CDC hold it right there.

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