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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

Guide and Outfitter Discount Program

Guide/Outfitter Login

We offer extended discounts on our products to guides, outfitters and other outdoor industry professionals.  Membership is not guaranteed and may be revoked at any time.  Please use a work address when appropriate.

Rules and Regulations:

Guides and Outfitters are welcome to apply for additional discounts.  We require a current guide's license to be emailed or uploaded.  We realize some guides may work for outfitters where licensing is not required.  Please contact us directly if this is the case.

We require that the outfitter or guide has a professional website, or works for an outfitter with one.  We may require references.

Purchasing Rules:

Flies may be used for personal or professional applications, as well as resale.  Flies must be purchased in quantities of 12, and minimum purchase requirements may occur.

Other Big Y Brand items like rods, reels, fly boxes or tools may be used in both personal or professional applications, but resale of any items other than flies is prohibited.

Any discounts received on other brands is unintentional. We are not authorized to sell any other gear at less than MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).  We may extend discounts on selected closeout/discontinued items, but please do not abuse any additional discounts.  

Guide for Flies:

We love fishing as much as you.  We want to fish with the guides that buy our gear.  If you select "Guide for Flies", we may contact you about trading flies for a day or two of guiding.  This is optional, we just want to go fishing with you.  Please email us if you want us to come out and fish.  We are always planning our next fishing trip.


Apply for the Guide/Outfitter Program

Please submit a copy of your guide license or other appropriate paperwork to: