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About the flies

All premium Big Y Fly Co Inc. flies are hand-tied in our own facility using the highest quality materials and adhering to the strictest tying standards.  Every fly is twice inspected before reaching you. 
No better fly is on the market at any price.  We stand behind every fly we sell and we don't mean three miles behind it either.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.
What more can we say?  Try the flies once and you'll see why we think you'll want to purchase all your flies from the Big Y.

Where are your flies tied?  Our Big Y Brand flies are tied proudly in Kenya.  Our tiers work for us, using the materials we approve and tie our flies to our standards.  Kenya has the most experienced tiers in the world.

Some of our tiers have been with us for 20 years.  We have relationships with these folks. We have seen our tiers have children and be able to send them to nice schools because of the flies that you all buy from us.  We talk to them often and consider our tiers to be part of the Big Y Fly Co family.