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** October is Streamer Time! Save 10% on our best patterns!*

** October is Streamer Time! Save 10% on our best patterns!*


Warranty info for all brands carried at Big Y Fly Company can be found below. Items such as tools, fly boxes, fly lines, tippet/leader, fly tying materials, flies, etc are typically not covered under any warranty. However, if you feel like your product has prematurely failed, or you received it with a defect please contact us at or contact the corresponding manufacturer directly. Please note Big Y Fly Company is not able to process any warranties on behalf of any other company unless specifically stated in their warranty information. 
  • Rods must be registered within 30 days are purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty for original owner
  • $65 charge for all section other than the grip section
  • $75 charge for the grip section. 
  • CLICK HERE for more info
  • For Big Y Fly Co brand reels and rods, we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

    This warranty covers any manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the rod. We replace any rod or reel with a manufacturing defect free of charge.

    For rods: Tips and mid-sections can be purchased in the Fly Rod Collection. It is the last item in the collection. If you need anything other than a tip section for a current rod, please call us and confirm.

    If you need a butt section, we will require the old one to be returned to us first. Tips and mid-sections are $50. Butt sections are $75. If your broken rod has been discontinued, the upgrade fee for the new model is $75.

    For reels: You can call us and we can walk you through any common issues that arise. If you need a part like a bearing, handle or cap, please call us and we may have one we can send you. If your reel needs servicing beyond what you can handle, please send it in. If there is a manufacturing defect, then there is no charge, If the issue was user-related, there is a $35 service fee to tune it up and replace any defective parts and get it moving. If we need to replace the reel with an updated model, a $50 fee may apply.

    For OTHER BRANDS of rods, reels and gear: After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer. Most rods and reels feature a lifetime warranty and a repair fee. The info can usually be found on the manufacturer's website. Please call us if you have any questions.

    Please call us with any questions.


    • Rods must be registered prior to filing claim
    • Lifetime warranty
    • $35 fee per section + $15 shipping fee
    • CLICK HERE for more info
    • CLICK HERE to register
    • Do not register your rod until warranty service is needed
    • Lifetime warranty on rods. 1 year warranty on reels
    • Tip sections are available for purchase at Echo starting at $20
    • $35-$50 fee for all other rod sections.
    • CLICK HERE for more info
    • CLICK HERE to purchase tips
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • CLICK HERE for more info 
    • Rods must be registered within 60 days of purchase
    • Lifetime warranty, 5 year warranty on defects/workship
    • $75 charge for all repair/replacements for rods
    • $35 charge + parts for reels
    • CLICK HERE for more info
    • Minimum of 1 year warranty from time of purchase
    • Warranties are taken on a case by case scenerio
    • CLICK HERE to file a claim
    • 25 year guarantee on rods
    • $60 fee on repairs/replacement
    • Lifetime warranty on reels
    • $30 fee for non defect related issues
    • Waders carry 60 day no questions asked warranty
    • After 60 days $60 fee
    • CLICK HERE for rod repair
    • CLICK HERE for reel repair
    • CLICK HERE for wader repair
    • No exact warranty listed, but can be sent back for service
    • CLICK HERE for more info 
    • Lifetime warranty on most rods and reels
    • Crosswater 1 year limited warranty
    • Waders and Boots are covered by 1 year warranty against workmanship and defects
    • $45 fee for rods, reels, and waders
    • $35 fee if waders are not cleaned prior to sending
    • CLICK HERE for more info
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Fees are based on Smith's discretion
    • CLICK HERE for more info
    • Lifetime warranty
    • $50 fee to repair or replace
    • Rods must be registered after purchase
    • CLICK HERE for more info and to register your rod
    • Lifetime warranty original owner only
    • Rods must be registered
    • $35 service fee for rods
    • $15 for parts plus return shipping cost for reels. 
    • Rod section can be purchased on their website to replace a broken section
    • CLICK HERE for more info