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Davidson River NC Hatch Chart for Western North Carolina

The Davidson River in North Carolina is one of the top 100 trout stream in North America as per Trout Unlimited.  It has fantastic year around fishing, and although the hatches are not unbelievable thick clouds of flying insects, they are steady and reliable.

The water is very clear, and the fish see a lot of flies.  Success will depend on your presentation, 7X tippet is virtually a necessity.  Try small flies Griffith Gnats and midge patterns, for if it is small the fish can't be as discriminating.  For nymphs, use #18 Pheasant Tails or Hare's Ears

For solitude, try the winter, and you may still have to walk a bit.  The beauty of this stream is worth a visit regardless of the fishing.

Insect Size Begin End
Midge 18-22 October 1 February 29
Blue Wing Olive 18-24 October 1 May 31
Black Stone 12-16 December 1 April 30
Blue Quill 16-18 March 1 May 31
Quill Gordon 12-14 March 1 April 30
Gray Caddis 14-16 May 1 July 31
Hendrickson 12-16 April 1 May 31
March Brown 12-14 April 1 May 31
Light Cahill 16-18 May 1 September 30
Grey Fox 12-14 April 1 June 30
Sulphurs 16-18 May 1 June 30
Isonychia Bicolor 12-14 June 1 September 30
Giant Stone Fly 4-6 May 1 June 30
Terrestrials 6-14 May 1 September 30
Golden Stone Fly 6-8 June 1 August 31


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