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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

Fly Fishing in North Carolina

General Info: North Carolina is in our top 5 states. We have a huge group of highly dedicated anglers across the state. Next to PA, our NC crew is our biggest customer base, and we appreciate it!

There are dozens of quality trout streams throughout the state. These streams are regularly stocked and hold fish throughout the year. The much-anticipated "delayed harvest" season each spring brings out anglers across the state to chase big trout that were planted months before, and given time to grow big and strong.

Link: NC Fishing Licenses

Flies by Species - North Carolina

Davidson River, NC Hatch Chart

The Davidson River in North Carolina is one of the top 100 trout stream in North America as per Trout Unlimited.  It has fantastic year around fishing, and although the hatches are not unbelievable thick clouds of flying insects, they are steady and reliable.

See Hatch Chart

Raven Fork, NC Hatch Chart

That perfect trout stream of your dreams does exist, and its in North Carolina. This beautiful little stream is chocked full of eager trout, has great scenery, good access and all the opportunities you could want in a trout stream.

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Major Hatches - North Carolina