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Straggle String Mixed Pack--Semperfli

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Color: Natural Collection
  • At first glance Straggle String Micro Chenille may seem like other "fritz" type tying materials...
  • Take a closer look though and you will find it is a carefully developed fly tying material.
  • An ultra fine core, highly versatile tying chenille with subtle UV properties giving the impression of  life-like movement.
  • Great for making bodies or thoraxes on nymphs, dries, and small streamers.
  • This material instantly creates an ultra buggy look to any fly. 
Straggle String in the natural collection:
  • SF2200 Dark Brown
  • SF2050 Copper Brown
  • SF5200 Golden Olive
  • SF6250 Insect Green Olive
  • Litchen
  • SF6150 Olive
  • SF6050 Green Olive
  • SF0050 Black
  • SF1350 Pale Blue Dun
  • SF0400 Pale Grey
Straggle String in the steelhead collection:
  • SF6250 Insect Green Olive
  • SF5500 Fl. Wimbledon Yellow
  • SF7250 Fl. Green Rhyacophilla
  • SF4450 Orange
  • Fl. Red
  • SF4150 Fl. Orange
  • SF8000 Fl. Pale Pink
  • SF8350 Fl. Pink
  • SF3350 Dark Red
  • SF5300 Brown Olive

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