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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Wing Bee

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  • When I started working at Big Y over 5 years ago the one requested pattern that we received constantly was a bee or wasp imitation.
  • It always stuck odd to me as I personally have never fished them.
  • After many length conversation with various customers, we came to realize that while they aren't extremely effective in our neck of the woods, they are else where.
  • Tales of fisherman getting skunked until they switched to a bee imitation and than getting some of the hardest strikes one has ever seen is quite a common tale with these type of patterns.
  • The Wing Bee is designed to be swung like a wet fly with variegated chenille that drives fish nuts.
  • It can also be heavily applied with a liquid floatant and fished as a dry.
  • Especially effective on lakes, ponds, and rivers or creeks running through meadows. 

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