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Toccoa River, GA

Fly Fishing on the Toccoa River: A Southern Gem

The Toccoa River, winding through the heart of Georgia’s scenic beauty, is a haven for fly fishing enthusiasts. Its crystal-clear waters and abundant trout make it a must-visit destination for anglers seeking both adventure and tranquility.

1. Where It All Begins

The Toccoa River originates as a network of icy trickles high up in the Chattahoochee National Forest. These tiny tributaries converge, gaining strength as they flow for miles. Eventually, they form the habitat for rainbow and brown trout. As the river winds its way, it spills into Lake Blue Ridge, a thriving ecosystem for smallmouth bass and walleye.

2. Tailwater and Tributaries

Tailwater Section

  • Below the Blue Ridge Dam, the Toccoa River tailwater comes alive. Cold water released from the lake creates a 15-mile stretch of fly-fishing paradise.
  • Floating fly fishers drift along this section, casting to eager trout. The river’s rhythm and currents provide an exhilarating experience.
  • For those who prefer wading, checking the river flow and forecast on ensures a safe and rewarding outing.

Upper Toccoa River

  • The upper Toccoa, which feeds Lake Blue Ridge, is a stunning trout haven.
  • Towering trees and massive rock outcroppings line its banks, evoking the feel of a Northwest steelhead stream.
  • Wading access near Sandy Bottoms Canoe Launch provides ample opportunities for anglers. From November 1 to May 1, it’s artificial-only, catch-and-release fishing—a sanctuary for both beginners and seasoned fly fishers.

3. Tactics and Species

  • Dry Flies and Dry/Droppers: On the Toccoa tailwater, these techniques yield the most fish. Watch for rises and delicate takes.
  • Swinging Soft-Hackles: Perfect for enticing trout in the riffles and runs.
  • Trout Spey Tackle and Streamers: Ideal for hunting down the big ones lurking in deep pools.
  • Rainbows and Browns: Both wild and stocked trout inhabit these waters, with some reaching impressive sizes. Be prepared for thrilling battles.

4. Plan Your Adventure

  • Lake Blue Ridge: Explore the spring run of lake-size rainbows and miles of tributaries above the reservoir. The lake’s depths hold secrets waiting to be discovered.
  • Below the Dam: Witness trout rising to midges, black caddis, and Sulphurs. The river’s surface comes alive during hatches.
  • Guided Trips: Consider booking a guided fly fishing trip with local experts. They know the river intimately, revealing hidden pools and sharing their passion for the Toccoa.

Whether you’re casting from a drift boat, wading the upper river, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, the Toccoa River invites you to connect with nature and reel in memories that last a lifetime.

For guided fly fishing experiences on the Toccoa River, reach out to Tad and his crew a call over at Georgia Wild Trout Guide Service.  469-678-9154. They’ll ensure you have an incredible time on this southern gem.

Insect Size Begin End
Black Caddis    18-20 February July
Quill Gordon   16-24   March April
Tan Caddis   12-16   April July
Isonychia 8-10 June August
Terrestrials 6-16 June   September  
Midges 16-24 January December
BWO 18-22   January   December
Scud 12-18 January December
Sowbug 12-16 January December