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Metolius River, Oregon Hatch Chart

Insect Size Begin End
Midges 12-20 January 1st December 31st
Golden Stonefly Nymph 6-8 January 1st December 31st
BWO 16-22 January 1st June 15th
October Caddis 6-10 March 1st April 15th
Caddis 14-18 May 1st September 15th
Green Drake 8-12 May 15th July 15th
18 May 15th September 15th
Yellow Sally 12-14 June 15th July 15th
Golden Stonefly Adult 6-8 June 15th September 15th
12-16 September 15th October 15th
BWO 16-22 September 15th October 31st
Mahogany Dun 12-16 October 1st October 31st
October Caddis 6-10 October 1st October 31st


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