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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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WD-40 Flash

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Color: Black
Size: 16
  • Another pattern brought around from a customer request; we had a customer call informing us that he buys all of his flies from us except the WD-40. Not that there is anything wrong with our WD-40, he just prefers his with some flash on them.
  • Of course wanting to keep our customers happy we had these tied up.
  • They have many similar characteristics as a traditional WD-40, but enough of a twist to entice over pressured fish who have seen the same pattern over and over.
  • Peacock is used for the thorax instead of dubbing, the tail contains a bit of flash as do the wings.
  • While the difference may seem subtle, I’m sure a lot of the trout guys in the Midwest will agree that these changes will make all the difference in the world.

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