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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Trout Beads: The Alaska Selection

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  • This selection of MottledBeads was specifically chosen to "match the hatch" of spawning trout, Sockeye, Coho, Chum, Chinook and Pink salmon.
  • The selection comes packaged in two 2.5 x 4 inch, 6 compartment pop top fly boxes with 10 each of 6mm, 15 of 8mm and 5 of 10mm beads per color to fit just right in your fishing vest.
  • Approximate total bead count 360
  • Colors are as follows:
    • Top Row: Natural Roe (M), Milt Roe (M), Dark Peach (M)
    • Second Row: Orange Clear (M), Caramel Roe (M), Glow Roe (M)
    • Third Row: Cerise Egg (M), Dark Roe (M), Oregon Cheese (M)
    • Bottom Row: Tangerine (M), Peachy King Roe (M), Egg Yolk (M)
  • Made in USA.

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