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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Suspender Midge

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  • Midges are perhaps one of the most intimidating flies to fish with. They are small, hard to tie on a leader, and can be difficult to set the hook.
  • However, these tiny bugs can make up to 22% of a trout's diet, making them a must have for any serious trout hunter.
  • Suspender midge is an emerger pattern that can be fished at any level of the water column.
  • Throw it out there as is, and it will sit in the subsurface. Add a floatant to the post and let the body just dip below the surface, making it incredible tempting for fish "sipping" the surface, and visible for the fisherman. Add split shot and sink this guy deep during the day, fish in a dead drift (to draw fish attention) and then allow to swing up at the end of your drift, making it appear like an emergering midge. 

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