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Simple Fly Fishing: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod & Reel

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Modern-day fly fishing, like much in life, has become exceedingly complex, with high-tech gear, a confusing array of flies and terminal tackle, accompanied by high-priced fishing guides. This book reveals that the best way to catch trout is simply, with a rod and a fly and not much else. The wisdom in this book comes from a simpler time, when the premise was: the more you know, the less you need. It teaches the reader how to discover where the fish are, at what depth, and what they are feeding on. Then it describes the techniques needed to present a fly at that depth, make it look lifelike, and hook the fish. With chapters on wet flies, nymphs, and dry flies, its authors employ both the tenkara rod as well as regular fly fishing gear to cover all the bases. Illustrated by renowned fish artist James Prosek, with inspiring photographs and stories throughout, Simple Fly Fishing reveals the secrets and the soul of this captivating sport. Winner, Guidebooks, Banff Mountain Book Competition 2014

Editorial Reviews

Therein lies the book's charm. Part straightforward how-to, part back-to-basics manifesto, the volume is also a bit of a sermon that seeks to spread the good word about a centuries-old Japanese technique known as "tenkara" that Mr. Chouinard believes is the hands-down easiest and most pleasurable way to fish. Wall Street Journal

Simplify. It's the reason many anglers head to the nearest river or lake to appreciate the joys and meditation of fly fishing. In a new book, three fly fishing gurus take simplicity a step further. --

"Simple Fly Fishing masterfully tackles each aspect of fly fishing to reveal new deliberate and technical yet simpler ways to approach the sport. The book simplifies things while teaching strategies that might even make you a better angler." --

"If you know an angler who is just getting started with fly fishing, or even a seasoned angler who appreciates the history of fly fishing and trout fishing knowledge, check out Simple Fly Fishing Revised Second Edition: Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel by Yvon Chouinard, Craig Matthews and Mauro Mazzo." -- The Sustainable Angler Gift Guide

There is an honest and wisdom-filled discussion on topics that every freshwater fly fisher spends their lives trying to master. - The Mission

"The anglers that have the most to gain are those that are interested in fly fishing and who want to use the simplicity of tenkara as an entry point into the seemingly complex world of fly fishing. For those anglers, Simple Fly Fishing offers that entry point and provides methods of fly fishing with a tenkara rod - while at the same time filling in enough of the fly fishing background that if they want to transition to rod and reel they are not in the dark." --

Simple Fly Fishing by Yvon Chouinard has quickly become a classic. . . . [It] reveals the secrets and the soul of this captivating sport. -- Midcurrent

"The book as artifact is filled with stunning photography and educational illustrations that will have you dreaming about your next time on the water." -- Angler's Journal
About the Author
Yvon Chouinard, a noted fly fisher (chosen by Fly, Rod, and Reel as Angler of the Year in 2009) and environmentalist, is the founder and owner of Patagonia, Inc. He cofounded, with Craig Mathews, 1% for the Planet, a group of businesses giving back to the environment. He lives in Ventura, CA and Moose Jaw, Wyoming.

Craig Mathews, with his wife, Jackie, is the owner and founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, a retail fly fishing outfitter base in West Yellowstone, Montana. Craig has authored five books on fly fishing in the western United States and Yellowstone National Park and is renowned as an expert fly fishing guide.

Mauro Mazzo is an FFF Certified Master and THCI Casting Instructor, and he writes and photographs on a regular basis for European fly fishing magazines. He has fished around the globe, from the Italian Alps to Himachal Pradesh, from Cuba to the Kola Peninsula. He lives in Milan, Italy.

James Prosek is an American artist, writer, and naturalist. Along with Yvon Chouinard, he is the found of World Trout Initiative. Prosek has published 11 books, his first in 1996 whiles studying at Yale. He lives and works in Easton, Connecticut.

Russell Chatham is a contemporary American landscape artist. He is the author or contributor to several books on fly fishing.

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