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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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RIO 8-Strand GSP Braided PE Backing

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Size: 200 Yards Multi-Color
RIO's premium 65lb, 8 carrier backing is made of the finest materials from Japan.  8 strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a round backing that stacks perfectly on the fly reel.  The result is a stronger, softer and smoother performance backing.  The bright multicolored backing changes color every 10 meters and compliments fly reels with a beautiful splash of color and functionality.  The breaking strain and diameter make this a perfect choice for all fishing, from pan fish to ultra-big game such as GT's, billfish and tarpon.
  • This is the highest quality backing on the market.
  • 65lb. braided PE is .015" in diameter.
  • Very similar diameter to 20# braided Dacron.
  • This is the same material and diameter as the popular "Ha***" backing.
  • Perfect for saltwater where you need a large amount of strong backing.
  • Makes powerful knots
  • Does not cut your hands like old-school GSP backing.
  • 5 colors in 10 meter sections will let you know how far out your line is.
  • Pack that reel full of backing to catch the hardest-running fish

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