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** October is Streamer Time! Save 10% on our best patterns!*

** October is Streamer Time! Save 10% on our best patterns!*

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Hardy Ultradisc UDLA Reel

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$350.00 - $350.00
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A light weight disc drag reel in its purest form, the all new Ultradisc features everything you need and nothing you don't in a disc drag fly reel. With an innovative frame design, this reel sets a new standard in light weight performance reels whilst allowing the use of ultra thin fly lines and running lines as well as leader- only systems popular in modern river fishing. The scaled multi- pad drag system is also unregulated, meaning fine adjustment of the drag pressure over a large window is possible .
  • 2020 ICAST Online Best of Category Winner Fly Fishing Reel
  • A new standard in light weight Disc drag reel design
  • Multi pad scaled disc drag system
  • Unregulated drag system for fine adjustments
  • Enclosed line guard frame design for use with leader only systems and thin running lines
  • The lightest Disc drag reel ever produced by Hardy
**Braided PE Backing is charged per yard.  The base charge covers most size reels.  However, larger reels may need more backing than the default charge. It is the same diameter of 20# dacron. 
You can select it on the backing menu or you can go to the ProSpec page.  You can choose the amount that you need right here.
Model Size Color Backing Capacity
3000 GM 2/3/4 Gunmetal WF4+45 (20lb Dacron)
4000 GM 3/4/5 Gunmetal WF5+75 (20lb Dacron)
5000 GM 4/5/6 Gunmetal WF6+80 (20lb Dacron)
6000 GM 5/6/7 Gunmetal WF7+100 (20lb Dacron)
7000 GM 6/7/8 Gunmetal WF8+115 (20lb Dacron)
8000 GM 7/8/9 Gunmetal WF9+150 (30lb Dacron)
3000 BLK 2/3/4 Black WF4+45 (20lb Dacron)
4000 BLK 3/4/5 Black WF5+75 (20lb Dacron)
5000 BLK 4/5/6 Black WF6+80 (20lb Dacron)
6000 BLK 5/6/7 Black WF7+100 (20lb Dacron)
7000 BLK 6/7/8 Black WF8+115 (20lb Dacron)
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