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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Crippled Caddis

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  • When I think of a cripple I typically think of a some type of mayfly, a BWO or Baetis, PMD or Sulphur, heck even a drake.
  • But the truth is just about every insect in the water can emerge a cripple.
  • A cripple is simply a insect that was somehow deformed in the emergence process.
  • Therefore this bug isn’t able to correctly leave the water like its fellow companions are able to.
  • Cripples are often targeted by trout as they are an easy food source.
  • Chances are these bugs aren’t going to be able to move much and the trout view them as the easy meal they are.
  • The Caddis Cripple is meant to replicate a caddis in this situation.
  • The body may seem a bit small, wings may seem a bit haphazard, but it is all done to make this pattern look as deformed (while natural) as possible.
  • Fish during the hatch and for a bit after it as well.

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