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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Classic Wet Fly Assortment--24 Flies #18

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  • Swinging Wet Flies is one of those things that has kind of gone by the wayside is recent years. What once was a common and effective way of fishing has dwindled down to a practice not often seen. It may not always be the most effective way to fish, but on days when it is get ready for some of the most aggressive grabs you will see out of trout. An excellent technique for when nothing is happening, or when searching for trout hot spots.
  • The most common methods include: allowing the fly to swing in the subsurface, applying some Xink (or other form of liquid sinket) to your fly and leader, or using a verisleader.
  • The assortment includes some of the most iconic wet flies out there.
  • Sizes may vary based on availability.
  • The assortment includes:

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