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Chadwick 477 Substitute--Semperfli

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Color: 477
  • This new '477' has been specially developed to replicate as close as possible to the classic Sawyer Bug tying wool.
  • Originally Sawyer used Chadwicks 477 and as perfectionists found other substitutes simply did not match the original  material for colour.
  • The Semperfli team actually got a factory to spin some Chadwick's 477 substitute especially!
  • It comes as a 3 ply making tying of the nice thick Sawyer Killer Bug a doddle.
  • However, to perfectly replicate the original Killer Bug simply split the 477 Substitute from 3 ply to one and it matches even the  diameter of the original 477.
  • You are buying our Semperfli Chadwick's 477 Substitute not the Original Chadwicks 477 shown on any photos on this page - they are purely for illustration to show you how close to the original Chadwick's 477 colour the guys at Semperfli have been able to match the substitute.
  • The original card of Chadwick's 477 here is worth a small fortune and locked in a safe!

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