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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Boy Wonder Hopper - Umpqua

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Color: Peach
Size: 8
Designed by Charlie Craven
My Boy Wonder Hopper has been in various stages of development for about ten years now. The Charlie Boy has always been my go-to dry for a dry dropper rig, but as I got more and more into the hopper/dropper system, I wanted to build a bit more "floativity longevity" into the fly. That process culminates here with the Boy Wonder Hopper. Last year, Jeff Fryhover, Russel Miller, and I floated the lower Colorado and Russ, in a fit of "let's just find out", hung a total of nine tungsten beads under the prototype Boy Wonder and still never sunk it. The dang thing floats, it not only floats, but it also gets eaten too. 

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