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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

Seeps Lakes, Washington Hatch Chart

This hatch chart should cover many of the Columbia River Basin Lakes, including those in the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge Quail Lake and other Seeps Lakes. T his should also cover Nunally, Merry, Bobby Lake, Lenice Lake, Lenore Lake, Dry Falls Lake, Dusty Lake, Amber Lake, Potholes, and countless others in the Columbia Basin.

The Columbia Basin covers much of central and eastern Washington, from Ellensburg on the western edge to the Tri-Cities on the south side, Pullman in the southeast and Spokane on the northeastern edge of the basin.  So most of the smaller lakes in this map should be covered by this chart:


Insect Size Begin End
Scuds 12-16 January 1st December 31st
Leeches 4-8 January 1st December 31st
Chironomids 12-18 March 15th May 15th
Callibaetis 14-18 April 1st September 30th
6-12 April 15th July 31st
Dragonfly 4-8 May 15 August 15
Caddis (Traveling Sedge) 4-16 September 15th October 31st

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