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Rio GT (Giant Trevally) Mono--30 yds.

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Size: 80lb

The ultimate Giant Trevally tippet with larger mono diameters and higher break strengths to prevent being cut off on coral and sharp structure, while supple enough to seat larger saltwater knots properly.

  • Most giant trevally guides will tell you that the best way to land these incredibly powerful fish is to keep them from running far enough to cut you off on structure.
  • Strong fluorocrabon might come to mind, but it sinks much faster than nylon at larger diameters and affects fly presentation.
  • That's why the standard leader configuration for GT fishing has become level monofilament with break strength in the 100-130lb range.
  • RIO's GT Mono is perfect in this application, striking the ideal balance between strength and knotability.
  • Available in extremely high break strengths with a large diameter, this material takes pure stopping power and abrasion resistance to the extreme.
  • A leader is only as good as its weakest knot, though, and that is where GT Mono really shines.
  • The material is supple enough to form a good knot and, most importantly, seat it completely, even in the 150lb size.
  • When chasing big fish around hard structure, nothing beats RIO's GT Mono.
- Maximum abrasion resistance
- Easy To Knot
- 80lb – 150lb configurations

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