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Costa Tuna Alley Pro Sunglasses

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Color: Matte Gray/Blue Mirror
As recognizable as the sandy shelves between islands in the Bahamas that Giant Bluefin run through each spring, Costa's Tuna Alley frame now comes with an updated style and PRO Series upgrades. This legacy frame's updated vent system is backed up by six fish-spotting features to help you do it like the pros: Sweat management channels and eyewire drains, improved Hydrolite® rubber, adjustable nose pads, top hooding and side shields, and metal keeper slots. Fish on.
  • Model name: Tuna Alley PRO
  • Collection: PRO Series
  • Item no: 6S9105 910507 60-16
  • Frame color: Matte Gray
  • Lens color: Blue Mirror
  • Lens material: Polarized Glass (580G)
  • Frame fit: Regular
  • Size: L
  • Nosepad adjustable: Yes
  • Lens curve: Base 8 Decentered
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What lens color should I get? 

For the brightest light conditions when the sun is shining at its peak choose a gray lens. A gray silver mirror lens or a blue mirror lens that has a gray base will also be best for the harshest sunny conditions. Whether offshore sport fishing for marlin and sailfish, tournament fishing for wahoo and mahi-mahi, or competing in water sports on the open ocean, gray base lenses are best for any task in bright-light environments including everyday driving. A polarized mirrored lens will help reflect more intense light that bounces off the open ocean and eliminate blinding glare. Costa Del Mar's durable Blue Mirror Lens (Gray Base) with 580 Glass Technology is one of the best sunglass lenses on the planet and is preferred by saltwater ocean angler professionals who spend their days in harsh salty offshore waters and in the most extreme conditions.


What Are Mirrored Lenses? Mirrored sunglasses have a reflective coating on the outside of the lenses that look like small mirrors. A pair of mirrored sunglasses will decrease the amount of light that passes through the lens, and have lower light transmission to block more sun, cut glare, and protect you more. The outside color of the mirror is independent of the color of the lenses that you look through, meaning the base color of the lens can be different on the inside. For example, a blue mirrored lens can have a gray tint lens base, a green mirrored lens can have a copper tint lens base.

Choosing High Performance Sunglasses. Many sunglass brands use a simple reflective mirror coating deposited in a single layer on the outside top of the lenses, but this kind of coating is very prone to scratching and can flake off very easily during daily use. Top fishing pros and other water sports professionals choose a sunglass company that has high standards for their manufacturing process and uses an anti-reflective mirrored coating that is durable to perform in saltwater and the harshest sunny conditions.

What are the Best Selling Mirrors? Costa Del Mar brand mirrors are more than just for show, the performance features of their best-selling blue mirror sunglasses put the brand on the map. Made through a high-tech beam ion deposition process, these multilayered thin film coatings make for the most scratch resistant mirrors out there. By bouncing reflected light away from the eye, Costa polarized mirrored sunglasses deliver superior contrast and color while enhancing visual acuity. Costa's mirrors are available in blue mirror, green mirror, sunrise silver mirror, gray silver mirror, and copper silver mirror lens color options. 


Born On The Water. In 1983 a group of fishermen in Florida had a goal: to design a pair of sunglasses to help them better see what's out there. The fishing sunglasses brand has come a long way since those days, but the passion hasn't changed at all. They're still in Florida, they're still happiest when the sun is up and they're out on the water -- and they're still obsessed with making the best sunglasses on the planet.

Built By Fishermen, For Fishermen. The Costa tribe is still out on the water every day fishing, pursuing on the water adventures, and exploring the watery roads less traveled. After all, it's what inspired the brand to design a tool for anglers to see more clearly on the water, so they could catch more fish. See what inspires Costa's saltwater fishing, bass fishing, and fly fishing explorations across the globe. 

Looks Good. Does Good. Not only do Costa Frames and Sunglasses come in a variety of stylish and trendy designs, most Costa Sunglasses use the Bio-Resin Raw Material Process as part of Costa's Kick Plastic Initiative that helps reduce the carbon footprint and protect our planet's waters. Costa Del Mar's bio-resin frames are durable, lightweight, and hold their shape under the harshest conditions. Plus Costa looks after what they love. The more time Costa has spent out on the water fishing, the more inspired they've become to protect it and its inhabitants. A considerable amount of time and resources is devoted to conservation efforts that raise awareness, protect fisheries and enrich water-based communities.

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