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The Prince Nymph

We have written that one of the characteristics of a classic fly pattern is not only the popularity of it, but also the variations of the original it inspires.  Both of these hurdles are easily cleared by the Prince Nymph, created by Doug Prince.  Not only is it one of the all-time most popular nymphs ever tied on a tippet.  It has also spawned countless variations, and the classic white wings appear in patterns live the beadhead aggravator and others that are not even nymphs. 


The pattern originated in 1941 for fishing the Kings River in California.  But since that modest start it has traversed the world catching fish everywhere it goes.  What exactly the prince imitates is hard to pinpoint.  It is a decent caddis imitation, with the peacock body, and cylindrical proflie.  It is a decent stonefly imitation with its goose biot tails.  And it is a decent attractor with its gold wrapped body.  But its true fish catching abilities come from those white wings.  If you ever doubt that cut them off and watch the number of strikes you get spiral downward.


Dead drifting is an effective presentation.  It is also an excellent dropper, when you are unsure what the fish may be targeting, as it is known for eliciting strikes when nothing else will.  The beadhead version seems to be even more productive especially on slow days and off color water. There are more varieties at Big Y Co Inc than you can shake a stick at.  And the number is growing!  Other popular varieties include the BH Rainbow Prince especially effective on steelies!  BH Rainbow-Ribbed Prince, BH Hot Wire Prince, BH Flashback Prince, BH Prince Pheasant Tail, and BH Royal Prince.