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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

Rocky Ford Creek, Washington Hatch Chart

Some would say that if you haven't fished Rocky Ford Creek, then you haven't truly fly fished in Washington.  It used to be a sort of right-of-passage to fish this ultra-spooky spring creek.  Newbies flocked there and cut their teeth on the large trout found in shallow, clear water.  If you can catch them there, then you are ready for the big leagues.

It doesn't have the same mystique as it did in the 80s or 90s, but its still a fantastic fishery.  I mean, they even have a fly and leader vending machine in the nearest town of Ephrata. 


This year-round fishery presents some fantastic challenges.  Sparse hatches, fish love scuds, midges, worms and ants more than anything, but stripping a leech has produced some big hogs over the years as well

Insect Size Begin End
Scuds 14-20 Jan 1 Dec 31
Leeches 8-14 Jan 1 Dec 31
Blue Winged Olive 16-20 Sep 1 April 30
Midges 18-22 Jan 1

Dec 31

Tricos 16-22 July 15 Sep 15
Grasshoppers 4-16 July 15th September 30th
Beetles/Ants 12-18 June 15th October 31

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