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Fly Fishing Orlando

If you are a parent of young children or in a position that involves conventions, chances are you will find yourself in Orlando; a wonderful world of chaotic shuttles, theme parks, and hotels. A perfect vacation spot that you will probably want to getaway from for a day or two during a weeklong stay, so don’t forget your fly rod.

Like almost anywhere else in Florida, you are a stone’s throw away from excellent fly fishing opportunities, some world class. Also like anywhere else in Florida, the list of species inhabiting this water is staggering, the crème d’ la crème is the Largemouth Bass. The state was seemingly made for this species, which is everywhere. (Except maybe the Rivers of America around Tom Sawyer’s Island, but I’m not even sure about that.) Co-habitating with the headline species are in no particular order, a plethora of sunfish species (complete with local nomenclature) bluefish and bream. There is also, on the St. John ’s River a population of striped bass, while small by New England standards, packing a 3 or 4 wt. rod, though and the fight is substantial. Also on the St. John’s is a nice run of American Shad starting in January and running through spring break. (Convenient.)

For the most leisurely and easiest day of fishing; go to the Econlockhatchee River. An easy stream side path through the state forest is filled with sunfish, the fishing is easy enough for your little mousketeers, and so is the walk. A small 3 weight is plenty, generic nymphs work as does anything with rubber legs.

For more challenging and rewarding (hopefully) fishing, the Upper St. John’s is hard to beat. Besides the aforementioned striped and largemouth bass, a stocker called the Sunshine Bass also call this home. There are a few canoe rentals, a little paddling an assortment of woolly buggers and you’ll be on your way, to a nice excursion in between theme parks or presentations.