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Fly Fishing in New Mexico

Desert Solitude and Trout

Desert Solitude and Trout

General Info: New Mexico is not known for having a lot of water. This dry state in the Southwest is often thought of as arid and inhospitable for trout, but that is absolutely not the case. New Mexico is a haven for trout. The high elevation provides great habitat for trout from small streams like the Rio Puerco and the Red River to large rivers like the Rio Grande and the San Juan. The San Juan is still considered to be one of the best places to catch nice trout anywhere in the US, and there are numerous small streams that can provide anglers with solitude and great trout fishing all up and down the state.

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Flies by Species - New Mexico

San Juan River Hatch Chart

Clearly the most famous trout fishery in New Mexico. This is home to the San Juan worm. The river below Navajo Dam in Farmington is one of the most productive, healthy sections of river in the US, and trout fishing is both popular and excellent.

You can fish for fat trout 365 days a year. This section will test your skills and hone your abilities. It should be one of the first fly fishing destinations for upcoming anglers.

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Animas River Hatch Chart

One of the classic Southwestern trout streams, the Animas flows from the mountains above Durango, CO to its confluence with the San Juan in Farmington.

While most angling happen in Colorado, this is one of the most popular fisheries in the four corners area and is a must-fish if you are touring the Southwest.

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