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Big Y Natural Fly Rod For Perfect Presentation

Big Y Natural Fly Rod For Perfect Presentation

We spent over a year designing the newest addition to the Big  Fly Rod lineup.  After the all-around Medium/Fast Action STANDARD Fly Rod, and the Fast Action BOSS Fly Rod, we were looking for an easy-casting medium(ish) action, dry-fly friendly rod that still packs a bit of a punch.  Its a hard task to get all of those features in one rod, but we think our design team did a fantastic job.  

The Natural is built on the ever-popular nano-silica resin platform.  Different companies have different fancy names for it, but it is the hottest rod technology that reduces weight, increases sensitivity and increases power over a traditional build.  

The nano-sillica resins allow the rod to be slowed down to increase accuracy without sacrificing any power or distance.  It also has a nice weight distribution that allows you to cast all day without wearing out that shoulder.  Nice and easy....  
This rod excels at dry fly fishing, but because of the nice power reserves, it can still throw a nymph or streamer without hesitation.  From remove high mountain streams to big world-class trout streams, this rod is at home facing the challenges of the most technical of conditions.   
The Natural is capped off with a clean finish that includes a glossy blue color scheme, quality paint job, comfortable cork grip,  and quality thread wraps.  It features a nice, double-uplocking nickel reel seat with wood insert that looks good and won't loosen up on you.  All of this in a cordura rod tube and it is a wonderful deal on a great rod for under $200.

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