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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

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Intruder Essentials--Jay Nicholas

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This second edition incorporates a foreword by Trey Combs, new Micro Intruder Images, and 3 new Intruders, plus notes regarding suppliers of materials and components to tie Intruders. 

Novice and intermediate level tyers will find a solid base for tying Intruder-style flies here, with rich photo imagery showing step by step tying techniques for 24 original patterns, plus abundant encouragement to explore the creative aspects of this fly style. 

Please note: I encourage everyone who purchases this book to go to Office Max, Staples, or Kinkos to get it spiral bound. The cost is minimal and it makes it easy to lay the book flat on your tying bench as you work. Thank you - Jay Nicholas.

About the Author

I first fished with a hand-line in the Bosporus near Istanbul, Turkey in 1955, catching only a few little fish. I grew up fishing San Francisco Bay, lakes in Germany, the waters of Kwajalein Atoll, streams in Montana, and many Oregon waters. Sometime around 1962 I started tying flies on a Thompson Model A with Nymo thread, leading up to my first commercial sales to Norm Thompson's in Portland, Oregon in about 1964. Fifty years later and thousands of flies produced from various tying vises, I have more than a little experience with trout, steelhead, salmon, and saltwater patterns. The Intruder is a specialized style that required commitment of serious time and energy to develop a personal style that I am confident with, including time fishing the bugs and interrogating my more-experienced Intruder tyer/fisher friends. My fishing passion evolved from an all-inclusive interest in trout, steelhead, and salmon - to focusing on Chinook in coastal estuaries plus fishing the ocean offshore Pacific City for sea bass, salmon, lingcod, and albacore at every opportunity when I can hitch a ride in a dory with friends. My professional career as a fish biologist spans nearly four decades, and fits quite naturally with my fishing interests. My first steelhead, silver, and cutthroat were caught during the early 1960s in Neskowin Creek, a fifteen minute drive from where my family now has a cabin in Pacific City. Nowadays, I'm focused on fishing, writing, and serving as an ambassador to promote fly fishing, fly tying, and conservation with a variety of businesses and organizations. I obsess over tying flies, fishing, and writing; generally creating the impression that I am concerned solely with such fishy matters. Not so. The love and tolerance of my family make it possible to immerse myself in these otherwise silly pursuits.

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