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** Check Out our Specially Curated Holiday Gift Collection*

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Daiichi X452 X-Point Saltwater Hook--15 Pack

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Size: 6
The O'Shaughnessy hook is a traditional, time honored design that has survived from the days of hand-made hooks with little change. The distinctive bend, straight eye, short shank, and flat forging are key elements that combine to form this efficient fishing tool. Originally make of iron, the flat forging, gentle bend and long spear gave this hook the strength to survive intact across two centuries, still wearing the name of it's originator.
  • Same shape as 2451 except white saltwater finish and Xpoint.
  • O'Shaughnessy Bend, Straight
  • Uses: Saltwater Fly Patterns
Why XPoint?
  • Look straight down the point. The "X" design makes this hook the ultimate weapon in penetration. 
  • Quickest - Forged grooves reduce resistance to the "hook set."
  • Sharpest - Chemically sharpened needle tip points.
  • Strongest - Made of 110 ultra high carbon steel.

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