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* Free Shipping in USA on orders over $45*

Christmas Island 2025 Itinerary and Travel Planner

Welcome to our hosted trip to Christmas Island! 

The following documents explain much of what you need to know before our trip. 


Travel Planner


Christmas Island is a bonefish paradise.  If you are new to the flats, this will likely be your main quarry.  For bonefish, you will want a fast action 8wt fly rod that is worthy of saltwater conditions, along with a nice reel and appropriate line.  Sealed drag reels are highly preferred, but are not necessary.  

Others may know Christmas Island as one of the prime spots to target Giant and Blue Trevally.  If you have some experience with the flats, a day or two of GT fishing might be what you need.

Most Trevally anglers will bring a 10wt AND an 11wt or 12wt for Trevally.  The 10wt will cover your Blue Trevally and smaller GTs.  The 11wt or 12wt will be your GT rod.  Choose a nice, fast action, super-strong rod.  Email or call if you have any questions or need recommendations.

Trevally reels must be top-end.  These fish will burn out a drag system and put more pressure than you can stop on many reels.  Pick a nice reel that holds 300+ yards of backing. We will have 80# spinning braid here for GT reels.  Please shoot us an email when you purchase your GT reel and we will load it with the right backing.  It's a generic amazon version of PowerPro, the same diameter as 20# dacron, but has the abrasion resistance that you will need around coral.  

Lines:  Floating lines are almost all you will need.  Some folks do use heavy sink-tip lines around the edges of the flats around low-tide.  So be prepared for that if you are targeting GTs.

Expect to break at least one rod, one line and have one reel blow up.  Bring a back up rod, reel and line.  We can coordinate between everyone going to make sure there are enough backups between us all.  


Bring good boots.  Something lightweight, heavy duty with good traction.  No felt, no Korkers.  I recommend the Orvis Ultralight or Orvis Pro Approach Hikers.  You will walk a lot during your trip.  Its all walk and wade, no sitting on the bow of a boat.

Bring tights or tight pants.  I recommend picking up a pair or two of lightweight synthetic baselayer pants and wearing those under shorts.  It reduces drag on your legs over loose pants as you walk all day in the surf.  The Orvis Skiff pants are also nice as they are skinny on the lower legs and can be cinched tight.

A waterproof backpack is also highly recommended.  You will be getting in and out of it all day and it will be getting wet in the surf. 

All participants will receive a 25% discount on gear for the trip.  Let me know if you are not seeing the discount. 


More info will be added here as we move along.